Who were are

The Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata of our Lord Jesus Christ, commonly called  ‘Stigmatine Fathers’, is a Religious Family of Apostolic Life, which comprises  Confreres both Priests and non-Priests (Brothers and permanent Deacons). The ‘Cote of arms’, which can be seen here, expresses both our being and our spirit. The five stars, in the blue colour (the faith in God) represent the 5 Stigmata of Christ, from which our Congregation draws its name, to underline Christ’s total self-giving to humanity.Beneath, the two lilies stand for our Patrons , the Holy Spouses Mary and Joseph.The latin expression “Euntes docete” (Jesus’ words to his Apostles: ”Go and teach”Mt.28,19) summarises the motto “Euntes docete in diocese et mundo” which St. Gaspar Bertoni gave his  Sons that they may be “Apostolic Missionaries” in their own Countries and all over the world, working under the guidance of  Bishops.